Prescription Goggle Lens

$ 11.99

Please select the following for a complete pair of goggles:

  • One Goggle Kit  (Click  to the left to be taken to item)
  • 2 lenses (can be the same, or different strengths)

This item is for the prescription lenses only (sold individually)

Lenses are available in:

  • -2.0 thru -10.0 (near sighted)
  • +2.0 thru +2.5(far sighted)
  • In half diopter increments (ex: -2.5,-3.0,-3.5,-4.0-4.5 etc)
  • Please round to the nearest increment to your prescription (Ex: if your prescription is a -2.75 you would round up to -3.0 if your prescription is +2.75 you would round down to 2.5
  • Please verify your prescription is correct as these are NON-RETURNABLE. 
  • When using a prescription from a doctor the "Sphere" will be the number you use when selecting a lens strength.

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